Hey, nice to see ya! I'm an amateur photographer, but spend most of my time being an aerospace engineer. While the picture here may indicate otherwise, no, I am no longer three years old. That was my first camera, though! It took a little roll of film that my parents had to bring to the local drug store to be developed since we didn't have a darkroom at home (which wouldn't been much help for a three year old anyway). After blowing through my first roll of film in a matter of seconds with blurry photos of our cat and the floor, my dad quickly realized that it'd be cheaper to buy me a little point-and-shoot camera than to develop all that film. Good strategy on my part, right?

The hobby stuck, and since then I've been galumphing around taking photographs of landscapes, nature, and anything else I can find. Shoot me an email at photo@ea.tapil.com!

Feb. 5, 2001<br />
Wayland, MA<br />
<br />
Eytan with Anne's camera.  Finally has a camera while Daddy takes pictures.  Spent days carrying the camera around (sorry, no film) taking pictures.
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